We are strong believers in the value of Coaching and the definition, setting and review of specific goals. We can directly support Sales Leadership with one to one Coaching to address specific issues, facilitate problem solving or support their professional development. Similarly we can deliver training in Coaching for Sales Management and run Opportunity Coaching clinics to drive revenue at the end of the year or quarter.

Most of our work includes some element of training in Coaching for Sales Management. Typically this falls into two areas. Things that happen in front of the customer and things that don’t.

For the things that happen in front of the customer, we deploy “Instant Results Coaching.” This is a simple and practical toolkit for developing specific competencies in sales disciplines. This is designed for accompanied Field Visits where the sales person is focussing on skills such as rapport, questioning & listening skills, negotiation or positioning of a solution. We can tailor this toolkit to fit the competence profile of your top performing sales people or Talent Management programme.

The things that happen away from the customer include the monthly pipeline and opportunity Coaching to prioritising activity and resources. This is less about observed behaviours and more around setting goals for advancing opportunities and using competence development as a toolkit to deliver the advancement of specific opportunities.