To attract, develop and retain talent, companies need to offer an attractive professional development pathway. This is one of several critical areas where HR / L&D deliver competitive advantage to the organisation and an opportunity to create a successful performance culture.

For transformation projects that are long term (such as transitioning from a product driven to a customer centric organisation), a Sales Academy can deliver a modular and incremental framework for sustaining change. We can work with your existing programmes, competencies, talent management, professional development or succession planning frameworks to design your Academy.

We have partnered with organisations such as the ISMM (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management) to map their qualification frameworks to our client’s Academies. This enables participants to achieve an internationally recognised qualification in sales, branded and delivered by their employer. We have held graduation events at Sales Conferences where participants are awarded their new business cards with their new post-nominal title (MInstt) for all to see, delivering professional recognition and enhanced credibility with peers and customers.

Our team are also great at branding your Sales Academy or Sales Effectiveness Project. Here is an example of a customised Academy developed for an organisation focussed on attracting foreign investment into London:

Sales Academies