Experiential Training


In the business to business environment, Sales is about people. Sales improvement is about shaping the way that your people think and behave to influence the way that your customers think and behave.

An intellectual understanding of personality types, questioning and listening or account management isn’t enough.

After all, knowing the Highway Code inside out doesn’t make you a good driver. It’s time, experience, judgement and finesse that give you real skill.

Many of our clients find great value in increasing the confidence and flexibility of their sales people when they are with their customers. They know that their best people have conversations that are not just about products or services, but about issues in your customer’s business. The ability to establish credibility, with senior contacts can become in itself, a competitive advantage.

We believe in the power of experiential training. This isn’t the tired role play where one colleague pretends to be a customer. No. This is a highly customise scenario, taken from your market environment and bought to life with professional role play actors, procurement professionals and seasoned business leaders.

We take a group of 12 sales people. Give each of them the same brief – this could be a record from your database, an account plan or inbound lead. Then we split them into three teams. Each team gets their own Sales Performance Coach to guide them through the sales process. Then over two or three days, they compete to win the business.


We video record each role play and give Coaching feedback to participants. Out technology means that we can live stream to observation rooms where Sales Directors can see what their people actually say and do in front of their customers. Better still, Sales Leadership can call the actor, who will stay in character and reflect challenges or objections to their team in real time.

These events are high adrenaline, highly competitive, lots of fun and deliver very powerful learning. Each participant received a video, Coach Report and Personal Action Plan to take their skills to the next level. We work with Sales Management to use these outputs as a Coaching framework.

We also have a number of generic scenarios ideal for taking product centred sales people out of context to focus purely on consultative selling skills.