Miller Heiman Methodologies

Miller Hieman
World Class sales methodologies that integrate with your CRM platform

Create Opportunities

Conceptual Selling®

Consultative selling fundamentals for sales professionals and professionals that sell.

Securing Strategic AppointmentsSM

Effective contact strategy for generating quality, high value appointments

Executive Impact®

Persuasion strategies to impact executive-level decision makers.

Manage Opportunities

Strategic Selling®

Comprehensive deal strategies for winning complex sales.

Negotiate SuccessSM

Win-win sales negotiations that strengthen customer relationships.

Manage Relationships

Large Account Management ProcessSM

Strategic planning to protect and grow key accounts.

Channel Partner ManagementSM

Aligning objectives and building commitment for optimal channel partner relationships.

People & Organization

Predictive Sales PerformanceSM

Hiring solutions to build outstanding sales teams.

Sales Excellence AssessmentSM

Fact-driven sales management and coaching solutions.

Support & Enablement

Sales Access ManagerSM

Miller Heiman sales process enablement through CRM integration.

Web ReinforcementSM

eLearning modules to reinforce Miller Heiman processes and support adoption throughout the selling organization.

Management Execution

Funnel ScoreCardSM

A consistent, accurate opportunity evaluation and loss review process.

Sales Benchmarking

Benchmark sales organization against peers, industries, and top-performing sales organizations.

Manager’s CoachingSM

Driving adoption and maximizing return on your