Selling Academy Workshops

Bespoke workshops and implementation plans developed by our in house instructional design team. The following workshops can be one, two or three day interventions employing work based learning assignments, case studies and role play as appropriate for the audience, the objectives and your available resources.

Consultative & Solution Selling

The skills and approaches of the sales professional. How to Consult with the customer’s business to capture the full opportunity and map the solution to each part of the customer’s business. This highly tailored programme focusses on the critical touch points in your customer’s business and the correct use of rapport, questioning and listening skills and validating your solution. This programme is designed to make participants engage more meaningfully with customers to build value before they present a product. Changing a product portfolio into a Solution.

Business Development

This is the profiling, identification, targeting and access strategies for new customer acquisition. We work on attributes of a desirable customer to and value propositions that are compelling to them. We look at the use of digital media to identify topics that are important to them, socialise your message, build credibility and make contact. We will look at campaigns, the use of email, telephone, twitter, Linkedin, Market Reports to make intelligent approaches to qualified prospects.

Key Account Management

The definition of a Key Account extends beyond the customers that spend the most money with us. This programme looks at the reactive vs the proactive Account Manager. How to launch and manage a Key Account relationship. Connecting with your customers strategy, segmenting your account, reducing competitive threats, managing profitability and growing to become the trusted partner. Exercising influence within your own company and managing cross functional account teams is a key output for this programme.

Proposal Writing & Presentation Skills

The perception of value in the mind of the customer is directly linked to the credibility with which your organisation positions and presents the proposal. The ability to customise and tailor the key messages in a way that resonates with your customer is vital. This programme looks at finding the key value messages for customers that may have a diverse range of decision makers, each with a different opinion. We will look at the structure and format of the written proposal and the presentation. We give presentation skills coaching through role play scenarios drawing from personal and professional life.

Negotiation Skills

Utilising the Harvard Business School model of Negotiation, we offer a range of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Negotiation programmes. We use a blend of generic examples and bespoke scenarios from your business to develop universal negotiation skills and then apply to your market environment. Topics covered include mapping the components of the deal, developing a trading strategy, identifying the entry and exit points for a negotiation, dealing with deadlock, managing procurement and customers that play Win Lose. We reinforce our work in Negotiation with tailored role play scenarios using professionally trained Negotiators and actors.

Sales Management & Coaching

In driving performance of the sales organisation, the role of the Sales Manager is absolutely vital. This programme covers best practice in creating and managing a high performing team, dealing with low performance, reviewing sales pipeline, personality types and situational leadership, coaching for results, leadership and competence development. We often use professional actors to simulate typical coaching sessions both with high and low performers and encourage peer coaching to define best practice.